a revealing, but compassionate, look at the world of prostitution
A prostitute lives on the periphery of life. bookcoverThis book reveals the loneliness, the loss and the alienation of a life lived on the outer bounds of society. Having once been a little girl with all her hopes and dreams, how did she wind up on the streets? How does she deal with the guilt? Is the guilt the result or cause of her aimless drifting life?
She, like anyone else desires the normal sages of life - falling in love, marriage, home and family. How does she cope with the losses? Can she ever recover her innocence? What does she do with the longing to belong?


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We Only Weep in Dreams examines how she deals with the community at large, the ceaseless condemnation and self-righteousness. Girl in HotelAnd then there is the ever present need to be beautiful. Yet on the periphery of life they have their own broken connections; they comfort the lonely.

Through the perspectives of Mary Magdalene, the Geisha, inhabitant of Yoshiwara, and others, these and other aspects of their lives are examined.
Lamplit Girl"There are some that shun me when it's light who come and look for me at night; they find me on this lamplit street and then, like children, they hold me tight."
If We Only Weep in Dreams is sometimes a painful book, this is because it deals with the darker side of things. It is an honest and revealing book, revealing what is ordinarily hidden. Emotions not ordinarily expressed are here expressed; dark dreams are brought to light; voice is given to the voiceless.
Magdalene at Cross"O why should my Lord Jesus suffer so? if all this agony could cast its spell and lighten this world's dark citadel, then such as I'd have saved it long ago."
Women are often given flowers. There are flowers for love and flowers for commemoration. There are flowers for Valentine's Day. But the reality is that for a prostitute there’s no Valentine's Day and there’s no flower for guilt.
Woman Kneeling Church"I've broken every law of love, those laws we've often spoken of; forgive me father for I have sinned."